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Analyze Oncology data using Microsoft Power BI

A step-by-step guide on how to analyze your oncology data using Microsoft Power BI.

Women’s Healthcare providers leveraging Data science

VNB talks about the data science in women’s healthcare industry and how it can bring changes into healthcare analytics over the coming years.

Untapped potential of AI in Healthcare

VNB talks about the impactful usages of AI in the healthcare industry and how AI can bring transformational change over the coming years.

Enabling Patient Access and Provider Directory APIs using Azure API for FHIR to meet CMS guidelines.

VNB Health enables businesses to set up Patient Access and Provider Directory APIs using Azure API for FHIR to meet the latest CMS Guidelines.

Power BI Dashboard for FHIR Server

Learn how to connect to FHIR server and create power BI reports.

Microsoft launches Cloud for Healthcare: The first industry-specific cloud offering

At the recently concluded virtual Build conference, Microsoft announced the launch of Cloud for Healthcare .

Hospital Emergency Response Solution

VNB Power Platform team has been an early adopter of Emergency Response Health solution…

Final CMS Interoperability Regulation – Summary

The CMS released the Interoperability & Patient Access Final Rule (CMS-9115-F) on March 9, 2020…

Azure API for FHIR – Health Data in Cloud

Azure API for FHIR – Manage Health Data in the Cloud with a long standing need for a simplified data…

Integrate Dynamics 365 Health with Azure API

What is Dynamics 365 Health? Dynamics 365 Health Accelerator rapidly develops healthcare solutions using data…