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VNB Health Solutions, a subsidiary of VNB Consulting Services is focused on providing end to end healthcare solutions leveraging HL7 FHIR and Microsoft cloud platform. As a HL7 Gold Member we have been working on HL7 FHIR since its inception. We have built a unique blend of healthcare services leveraging Microsoft cloud platform (Azure API for FHIR, Azure FHIR Converter, Azure Integration Services, Dynamics 365 Health, PowerApps & PowerBI) and HL7 FHIR resources.

  • 15 Years of Experience Delivering Healthcare Interoperability Solutions
  • Proud Microsoft Managed Gold Partner™
  • Expert Microsoft Tier-1 Cloud Solution Provider
  • HL7 Gold Partner and early adopter of HL7 FHIR Standard
VNB Health Solutions FHIR Services

Dedicated Team and Program Manager

At VNB, we understand that for a project to be successful, it needs a team of dedicated individuals who work closely with the customer to ensure their expectations and need at met at every stage of the project.

Thought Leadership

VNB consistently contributes and engages with the community through social media, working groups, and seminars. We provide free training to anybody that wants to learn. We constantly invite our customers to participate.

Industry Standards and Best Practices

VNB has implemented numerous solutions for our wide array of customers, which has allowed us to developed unique, yet flexible methodologies and frameworks for managing and delivering solutions to our customers.

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At VNB Health, we strongly believe if our customers experience the best possible service, they will not only become life-long customers, but life-long partners. Ninety percent (90%) of our business comes from referrals of past customers. We’re among the highest rated FHIR Consultants in the healthcare tech industry.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is the newest specification from HL7. It aims to facilitate the exchange of healthcare data through standardization technologies such as RESTful Web Services, JSON/XML, OAuth and consistent query formatting to provide resources via standardized URLs. FHIR encourages fast integration of many different data sources for easy combinations of data from electronic health records and application programming interfaces.

As the demand for FHIR increases across the healthcare industry, there is a growing demand for FHIR consultants with proven implementation experience like us.

We offer complete FHIR implementation consulting services, improving the level of healthcare interoperability across organizations and fostering digital transformation.


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