BI & Analytics Services for Healthcare Providers & Payers

Healthcare data has grown exponentially. That’s why it’s important for organizations to mine data to gain a better understanding of its financials, admissions, and clinical trends. Choosing the right partner is an important decision for healthcare organizations embarking on its data journey.

VNB is your go-to partner for many healthcare organizations and has 15-plus years of experience in healthcare, combined with extensive technology experience in the BI & Analytics fields.

We want to put our experience to use to help you! Our data driven digital transformation is an agile approach towards data modernization. Learn more below about our interoperability services.

Data Governance

The exponential growth in healthcare data, as well as the focus on providing quality care in a more efficient way, has increased the understanding that data is a strategic asset that needs to be managed and governed.

Healthcare organizations are looking to establish governing principles that ensure data is secure, reliable, and available to those who should have access to it. VNB is an early adopter and implementor of Data Governance Principles across its data driven digital transformations leveraging Microsoft Azure Purview.

Connect with one of our data governance experts to learn more about our healthcare data governance services and solutions.

Data Integration

Integration and transformation of data is one of the key steps of a BI & Analytics initiative for any health care organization. To bring clinical, financial, and admissions data together, you need a partner who understands the granularity of data integrations, combined with expertise in the healthcare domain.

The team at VNB has been working in the healthcare integration domain for over 15 years and has developed proven processes and methodologies to integrate and transform healthcare data for data consolidation in a data warehouse or lake leveraging Microsoft Azure Data Factory, Azure Integration Services, Microsoft SQL Integration Services or Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Connect with one of our data integration experts to learn more about our healthcare data integration services and solutions.

Data Warehousing

Healthcare stakeholders have traditionally relied on excel workbooks or relational data bases as their central repository to build reports and dashboards for data insights. Because of the exponential growth in data, the old methods are no longer viable and therefore need a data repository in a format that is well suited for BI & Analytics.

The VNB team leverages star or snowflake schemas to build a Datawarehouse or a central data repository based on a dimensional model.  Datawarehouse’s based on dimensional models lets the super users creates reports easily and quickly. We implement Datawarehouse solutions using Microsoft Azure Synapse or Microsoft Azure SQL Database or on-premise SQL Server.

Connect with one of our data warehousing experts to learn more about our healthcare data warehousing services and solutions.

Data Science

Data science and artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the way care is provided in the healthcare domain. Providers are relying more and more on AI & Predictive Analytics to make some key decisions related to diagnostics and care. Healthcare organizations needs a partner that can guide, mentor, and walk them through this important journey step by step.

The VNB team has the right mix of data science expertise combined with domain knowledge. We work closely with various healthcare stakeholders to identify the correct use cases, data points to build, and train machine learning models for optimal outputs. We implement Data Science solutions leveraging Microsoft Azure Databricks or Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

Connect with one of our data scientists to learn more about our healthcare data warehousing services and solutions.

Data Visualizations

Data visualization is a key last step of a Data Analytics and Reporting initiative at any healthcare organization. Putting together visuals with correct filtering, hierarchies, and security is an important task if not done right can have a big impact on business users’ productivity.

The VNB team works closely with healthcare stakeholders such as physicians, administrators, management to give them a visual experience with focus on ease of navigation, data filtering and data security. We work with most of the industry leaders in data visualizations tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, etc.

Connect with one of our data visualizations experts to learn more about our healthcare data warehousing services and solutions.

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