B2B EDI solution using Azure Integration Services

VNB implemented a B2B EDI solution using Azure Integration Services for health care services provider. The solution could process claims and state medicaid system using Azure Logic Apps, Integration Account and Azure Functions.

Customer Profile

Customer’s health Care brand includes home care, hospice and healthcare staffing services. These services are provided by a network of more than 300 independently operated franchise locations throughout the United States that employ nurses, therapists, aides, companions and other healthcare professionals who provide 25 million hours of home care service to 190,000 people each year.

Customer Situation

Customer was using an old third party EDI software to process claims with state medicaid system. Adding new trading partners was becoming very expensive for the customer using the legacy platform. Support and maintenance of the existing solution also incurred additional cost. Customer wanted to have an agile solution in place that is economical and scalable. They also wanted to move to a technology that is easy to learn, develop and maintain in-house.

VNB Solution

After conducting a detailed assessment of the client’s existing environment, VNB recommended an EDI solution built using Azure Integration Services platform. VNB leveraged Azure Integration Account to manage partners and agreements, Azure Logic Apps to manage workflows, Azure Functions to execute transformations and Azure on-premise data gateway to exchange data with on-premise systems. VNB utilized an agile approach, which included:

  • Setup and configuration of trading partners and agreements using Azure Integration Account.
  • Development of complex maps to transform EDI 837 Claims and EDI 835 Payment Advice.
  • Download / Upload EDI files from trading partners to on premise systems using API connections and on-premise data gateway.
  • Tracking and monitoring business transactions using Azure Log Analytics.

Customer Benefits

  • By leveraging Azure Integration Services pay as you go model customer saved 45% on the infrastructure cost.
  • Azure Integration Services provided easy to use intuitive integration tools resulting in 30% lower maintenance cost for the customer.