VNB Consulting collaborated with a leading health insurance provider to transform EDI 834 benefit enrollment processes.


Customer Profile

Our customer is a prominent health insurance provider, catering to a diverse clientele seeking comprehensive insurance coverage solutions. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to innovation, the customer serves a wide range of clients including employers, individuals, and families across various industries.

Customer Situation

The customer was grappling with a challenge in efficiently processing Benefit Enrollment files within the Logic App, particularly when dealing with multiple partners.

The complexity of handling data from various sources led to bottlenecks and errors in their processing workflows.

This situation hindered smooth operations and necessitated a solution to implement the Logic App’s capability to seamlessly manage files from numerous partners.

VNB Solution

Customer selected VNB Consulting a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and Microsoft Gold Partner, with strong expertise in building integration solutions on Azure. Our comprehensive solution involves the creation of an Azure Logic App designed to transform EDI 834 benefit enrollment files for multiple partners.

To ensure optimal efficiency, we have meticulously decoupled the logic app workflows, allowing seamless processing of enrollment data.

Additionally, we have established partnerships and agreements for various partners using Azure integration account.

Further enhancing the process, we have developed intricate schemas and complex mappings to effectively process EDI 834 files, ensuring accuracy and reliability throughout the benefit enrollment journey.

Customer Benefits

  • Efficiency: By utilizing Azure Logic app, the customer can streamline their EDI 834 benefit enrollment process, reducing manual effort and processing time.
  • Partner Collaboration: The establishment of partnerships and agreements through Azure integration account fosters seamless collaboration with multiple partners, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Real-time Insights: The Logic app provides real-time insights into the enrollment process, empowering the customer to monitor and address issues promptly.