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Pre-built Power BI Dashboards for FHIR

VNB’s Power BI  FHIR Dashboards built using PowerBI connector for FHIR with a direct connection to Azure API for FHIR for health care institutions will assist any organization to derive insights on 

  • Patients- patient demographic distribution, patient encounters, patient LOS and related information
  • Clinical – Active and resolved conditions, distribution of patients to conditions, distribution of observation category to encounters etc. 
  • Claims – Distribution of claims value to Insurer, to city , by age, by claim type etc 

Drill throughs and Drill downs built on visuals on the summary pages can be used to obtain further information on the category of interest 

Patient Demographics
power bi for fhir patient demographics dashboard

 This report provides quick insights on patient demographics such as Age group, location, gender along with some key metrics.  There is also a Year over Year breakup of total patients and encounters. You could right click on individual tiles and then go to Encounter Summary. The main FHIR resources used in this report are Patient and Encounter. Most of the report elements come from the Administration module of FHIR.

Encounter Summary
power bi for fhir encounter summary screenshot

 Encounter Summary provides quick look at the breakup of patients by type, what are the main conditions causing these encounters and a list of all the patients associated with these conditions. You can also see average length of stay (LOS) and average age broken up by encounter type. The admin FHIR resources accessed in this report are  again Patient and Encounter. Similar to patient demographics, report elements come from the Administration module of FHIR.

Clinical Summary
power bi for fhir clinical summary screenshot

 This report is created to support the Clinical and Diagnostics module in FHIR resources, Clinical Summary mainly provides details of conditions an observation along with the practitioners associated and the clinical status. The main entities in this report are Encounter, Patient, Observation, Condition & Practitioner.

Clinical Details
power bi for fhir clinical details screenshot

 One could get to Clinical Details either from clicking on a certain metrics on Clinical Summary or directly. This report provides additional detail to Clinical summary such as list of patients with observations and also patients with medications. There is an additional break up of encounter by observation category to get insights on where more practitioners are needed. The main FHIR resources are Encounter, Patient & Observation. This also again is part of the Clinical and Diagnostics modules in FHIR.

Claims Summary
fhir for power bi claims summary screenshot

As part of the Finance module of FHIR, the report is mainly created against the Claim, Patient and Encounter FHIR resources. The main goal of this report is to provide financial figures across practitioners, patient age group, claim type , location and insurers. You can right click on appropriate metrics to get to next level of Claims detail.

Claims Details
fhir for power bi claims details screenshot

Similar to other detail reports in FHIR package, one could get to this report directly or from Claims Summary. This is again part of the Finance module of FHIR and hits the Claim, Claim Response and Patient resources in FHIR server. One can find further claim details by payment type, whether the payment is queued or not, amounts broken up by payee type and age group. You could also get a list of patients and claim amounts associated with the selection criteria.

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