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Connect Patients, Providers and Payers using P3Bridge powered by FHIR

Want to connect your legacy healthcare system with modern applications? Looking to deliver personalized care? Want to empower your care teams to communicate and collaborate effectively? View detailed predications and insights into critical data? P3Bridge for FHIR is your answer!

The P3Bridge for FHIR offering from VNB Health gives the flexibility for healthcare organizations to extend and connect their EHR applications with modern cloud Apps. The integration is achieved by leveraging the FHIR standard in addition to Azure API for FHIR and the Azure FHIR Converter.

Our Microsoft Teams EHR integration, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform integration solution helps healthcare companies to streamline the interoperability between different systems, build a better connected solution and deliver better care with lower operating costs and real-time analytics.

fhir analytics capabilities
  • Onboard your EHR systems and integrate with front end applications like Microsoft Teams, Dynamics365 for Health, PowerApps, and any custom applications
  • Pre-built templates for healthcare organizations to integrate their systems with HL7, FHIR and EHRs
  • Inbuilt PowerBI capabilities for business activity monitoring and to generate rich insights into the data

Integrate Electronic Health Records into Teams Patients App through FHIR

The P3Bridge solution offering from VNB Health enables Microsoft’s care coordination solution, Teams Patients app, to exchange data with legacy EHR systems using FHIR. Our Microsoft Teams EHR integration solution provides a secure and authenticated connection between the Teams Patients app and healthcare provider organization’s EHR systems. This interoperability solution enables care providers to collaborate and communicate about delivering effective patient care in real-time.

Integrate Electronic Health Records into Dynamics 365 Health through FHIR

The P3Bridge solution offering from VNB Health allows organizations to integrate their EHRs with Dynamics 365 Health. Our solution takes advantage of the powerful Azure API for FHIR and FHIR connector to set up a secure and robust integration. This interoperability solution makes it possible for healthcare organizations to streamline patient experience and enable them deliver an effective and more value-based patient care.

Integrate Electronic Health Records into Custom Built Apps & Power Apps through FHIR

The P3Bridge solution helps healthcare organizations to integrate your EHR system with custom built apps or Power Apps. Take advantage of inbuilt Power BI capabilities and get real-time data insights and analytics. Contact us today for a demo session of the P3 Bridge solution and a free evaluation of your current integration landscape by one of our FHIR experts.

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